Dentist, anesthesiologist, and previously afraid and scared patient after dental appointment.

Specialty Anesthesia

We are a specialty group of physician (medical doctor/MD) anesthesiologists who provide anesthesia services in San Francisco, Marin, Santa Clara, Los Angeles, Orange, and San Diego counties.

For patients, we specialize in pain control for office-based procedures where an anesthesiologist can be difficult to find. We set up in your dentist's or doctor's office and monitor you for safety and comfort while you undergo a procedure. If you do not have a health care provider, give us a call, and we will recommend highly-regarded specialists within our network to help you find your perfect dentist or doctor.

For health care providers interested in performing procedures in their office, we provide various levels of anesthesia--from monitored anesthesia care (MAC) to general anesthesia--to patients so you can more easily and efficiently perform many dental and medical procedures without going to the hospital or surgery center. We practice the most current, evidence-based medicine to the highest standards of ethics, patient care, and professionalism.

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